Gaining security intelligence is fundamental to a strong cybersecurity program. However with skills shortages and the increasing complexity of the threat landscape, you need to find the most effective way to manage your security operations. You could build your own internal team and security intelligence & analytics platform or choose to outsource the responsibilities to experts.

VirtualArmor’s cloud-based solution is based on market-leading SIEM technology from IBM QRadar. Our team of experts can help to enable faster threat detection, offer you a lower cost vs. on-prem security and demonstrate a reduction in vulnerabilities. All of this helps you make more informed security decisions. Leverage our expertise and bandwidth to:

  • Use security intelligence and analytics to protect against threats: Our technology transforms large amounts of raw security data into meaningful insights to act upon.
  • Connect quickly to a scalable security platform: Our platform collects and understands security data from across your organization in hours, not days or weeks.
  • Automate, remediate and collaborate: Our team empowers you to speed through investigations and use integrated threat intelligence to limit the impact of a breach.