We Need to Architect Security for Breach Prevention.

Reading the headlines today, we see breach after breach of our most sensitive personal information, our most innovative intellectual property, and our most vital daily services.

Palo Alto Networks is partnering with some of the most demanding industries to ensure their data and critical infrastructure remain safe from targeted attacks, whether adapting traditional, cloud-based, or hybrid infrastructure, these organizations have learned firsthand the power of a next-generation security platform when it comes to safely enabling the use of all applications, maintaining complete visibility and control, and confidently pursuing new business ventures, while protecting the organization from the latest cyberthreat.

This next-generation security platform streamlines day-to-day operations and boosts security efficacy, and the one-of-a-kind, multilayered defense model prevents threats at each stage of the attack life cycle. Integration and automation mean security. Palo Alto Networks natively integrated platform brings network security, cloud-based threat intelligence and advanced endpoint protection into a common architecture, providing complete visibility and control and ensuring enterprises, governments and service providers can not only detect, but also prevent advanced attacks.