Tintri builds VM-aware storage specifically for your virtualized applications—with none of the limitations of traditional physical-first storage. When you store your virtual machines on Tintri, they perform 6x faster, pack 10x more densely and take 98% less management, saving you time, money and sanity.

The percentage of virtualized workloads has leapt from just 2% in 2005 to >80% in 2015. But storage is still saddled with a physical-first architecture from the 1990s. Companies try to buy time by over-provisioning or acquiring commodity all-flash, but what they need is a solution for the mismatch between virtualized workloads and storage.

  • Tintri VM-Aware Storage is so simple to use, anyone can be a storage expert. Start by installing and configuring Tintri VMstore in less than 30 minutes.
  • Operate with total transparency. Tintri gives you visibility into your capacity and performance reserves. Spin up new VMs in minutes and never over-provision again.
  • See across your entire infrastructure. Now you’re not just troubleshooting storage in seconds, but also tracking VM-level latency across host and network.