The cloud is a beautiful place when you know your way around. VirtualArmour uses Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technologies to help our clients deliver new services faster on a simpler, more automated cloud infrastructure. VirtualArmour’s CloudCastr™ gives you the tools to rapidly design, deploy and maintain your open cloud using pre-built, pre-validated architectures. With CloudCastr™, even the sky is not the limit.






Network boundaries are a thing of the past. Organizations employ cloud based services both on-premesis and in public clouds. Take control of your environment and ensure fast, secure and reliable access to your data. Our team of engineers can help architect cloud-interconnect solutions to provide better access and reliability to your data stored off-premesis.
NFV enables enterprises and service providers to quickly and easily instantiate new services, chain them together and deliver them in an automated and real-time format. Our CloudCastr platform provides a reliable platform from which to deliver these services. Ready to make it rain?
Software Defined Networking is an approach to network virtualization that attempts to optimize the network and quickly adapt to changing business needs, applications, and traffic. It works by separating the network’s control plane and the data plane, creating software-programmable infrastructure that is distinct from physical devices. Coupled with NFV and our CloudCastr solution, we provide next generation networks ready to meet the scale, compute and storage requirements of the future. Ready to move forward?
Simplify complex networks and reduce user generated errors with network automation. Network automation along with orchestration helps to create repeatable configurations that help to reduce provisioning errors and increase availability. Ready to get started?
Network orchestration brings all your elements together to create a seamless virtualized environment that reacts to business needs, applications and events. It orchestrates the required software, hardware, services and configurations to provide complete solutions that are provisioned and ready to be consumed. Ready to take your network to the next level?