We live in an ‘always on’ world, where 24x7x365 is practically a given. The data and information that power your business and delights your customers has to always be available and secure without compromise. VirtualArmour works with leading partners to develop comprehensive security solutions for your business. Because without security, nothing else matters.




As malware continues to evolve and multiply, your organization needs solid solutions to ensure your assets are secured. Last year, malware and ransomware cost businesses billions in lost productivity, stolen identities and hard earned money. What is peace of mind worth to you?
Are you ready to craft realworld policy solutions around your cloud based infrastructure? Do you want to provide real visibility into your cloud data along with who is doing what and when? Do you want to base your cloud application decisions on more than just a gut check? Answer the question that hasn’t been asked. Your CIO will thank you.
Today’s malware threats require more than just an antivirus solution for protection. Zero day bugs, memory-based and file-based attacks all require next-generation endpoint solutions able to detect, analyze and remediate your assets automatically. Our heuristics based solutions don’t rely on old school signatures and provide real-time analysis, trending and reporting of assets in your network to give you the tools to solidify your security. Ready to squash some bugs?
You don’t know what you don’t know. Our SIEM solutions make sure you know what happens on your network. Gain valuable insights from events and alerts gathered from every piece of gear and every application running on your network. Our correlation engine turns data into information and gives you actionable events based on real data in your network. Ready to be enlightened?
Authenticating users and devices in real time enables your users and only your users to access your proprietary information when and where they need it.