About VirtualArmour

Founded in 2001 / Operating Worldwide

VirtualArmour is a global cybersecurity and managed services provider that delivers customized solutions to help businesses build, monitor, maintain and secure their networks.

Meet Our Management Team

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Our Philosophy

We believe that the foundation of successful prevention is based on people, process, and technology working together. We aren't a traditional managed security services provider (MSSP) or even a traditional company. Our people, from our engineers to our accountants, have a customer first approach to service.

Our Values

We strive to make VirtualArmour an awesome place to work and service our communities. Our entire team abides by these values, which were established in order to set the tone for our work ethic and professional environment on a day to day basis.


Maintaining our commitment to new technologies and solutions that enable our business and clients to grow.


Continually learning and seeking opportunities to grow in your role, as a client advocate and as a leader.


Focusing on taking action to provide value for our clients, partners, and owners.


Striving to be the best we can be, through our individual efforts and collectively as a team.


We do the right thing, period.

Our Management Team

Russ Armbrust
Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Douthwaite
Chief Technology Officer

Chad Schamberger
VP, Engineer Services

Kyle Duffy
VP, Client Engagement

Tianyi Lu
VP, Product Development

Reliable services for mid-size to enterprise clients.

From IT, network operations, compliance detectors, to the C-suite: everyone has a vested interest in protecting their business.

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It Takes People, Process, Technology, and Intelligence to Stop a Breach

Our world-class team is ready and waiting to secure your devices.

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We Deliver on Providing:

Unparalleled Responsiveness

24 Hour Responsiveness

One to One Client Management

One to One Client Management

Customized Incident Response Protocols

Customized Incident Response Protocols

Our Promises

  • Unparalleled Responsiveness

    We provide industry-leading SLA’s. Your support tickets will get a personal response from one of our engineers within 15 minutes. Change requests are implemented within 24 hours. We have a “Follow the Sun” methodology which means our international teams are active and available 24/7/365.

  • Personal Dashboard

    Our proprietary CloudCastr portal provides a navigable, real-time “birds eye view” of your organization’s security position. With CloudCastr, it’s easy to stay informed about your network’s status and security.

  • One to One Client Management

    We believe that our ability to successfully protect your business relies on us knowing your business. Managed Services clients are each provided with a lead engineer who will work closely with you to learn your business. Having this close engagement means we know how you like to be informed, how you like to work, and what you need in order to be successful.

  • Prevention Platform

    Prevention is VirtualArmour’s unique way of doing business. No security-focused organizations can promise 100% security, 100% of the time. However, businesses can rely on a layered approach to protection that is personalized, strategic, built by specialists with market-leading technology and monitored by motivated industry experts. That’s us.

  • Proprietary Incident Response Protocols

    There is no one solution for every problem or every business: networks and security are complicated. Because of that, we create clear and detailed playbooks designed specifically for each business.

We Make a Great Team!

We work closely with our clients to integrate our work into your business. By leveraging a fantastic team, we empower businesses like yours to grow.