Don’t Let Phishing Scams Catch You Unaware

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Don’t Let Phishing Scams Catch You Unaware

Phishing emails are nothing new and have come along way since the notorious “Prince of Nigeria” emails. In this article, we will discuss what phishing is, how to recognize it, and what steps you can take to protect your company and its assets. What is Phishing Phishing attacks attempt to trick the recipient into believing they are somebody who they … Read More

What is a Managed Services Security Provider?

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What are Managed Security Service Providers? Managed Security Service Providers are the security guards of the digital world. These companies exist to help you monitor your network traffic and other digital infrastructure for strange behavior, suspicious activity, and unauthorized access. Should anything fishy be detected the managed security service provider will not only alert you to the possible security breach … Read More

Phishing Friends… Out of Prison

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By Garrett Stanley, Security Analyst & Engineer, VirtualArmour Recently there was a follow-up article about a hacker who was jailed for trying to break his friend out of prison. While the story does have a twist of humorous irony to it, the details of the attack truly underscore where the IT Security landscape sits today. The hacker, utilizing a mixture … Read More

What is your Current State of Readiness?

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If your board of Directors asked you if your company is prepared for a breach, what would you say? Review this list of questions to figure out your current state of readiness: Can our current solution help me before, during and after an attack? What can our current solution do if we are already breached and it’s deployed after the … Read More

Cyber Threats: How Finance Directors Should Prepare

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What are the differences in cyber-threats facing public and private companies, and what responsibilities do their CFOs have in terms of disclosure? By Andrew Douthwaite, VP Managed Services, VirtualArmour Cyber attacks spiked 164%in the first half of 2017, compared to the same period in 2016, entailing 918 disclosed breaches-according reports on broadcaster CNBC. Threats vary from sector to sector. Healthcare, … Read More

Who Should Be Responsible For Cybersecurity?

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This article was originally posted on CSO Online By Andrew Douthwaite, Vice President of Managed Services The news today is flush with salacious stories of cyber-security breaches, data held hostage in brazen ransomware attacks, and compromised records and consumer information. So too has the fallout become increasingly familiar: broken trust, ruined brands, class-action lawsuits, and prolonged periods of finger-pointing. In … Read More

U.S. Companies Could Get Badly Burned by GDPR – Here’s How Not To

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Knowing how GDPR is different from the regulations your company is already complying with will help determine the gaps that exist between the two. This Article was originally posted on CSO Online By Andrew Douthwaite, Vice President of Managed Services The essence of the GDPR is individual privacy protection.  Europeans consider data privacy a basic human right.  If the founding … Read More