Building a Cybersecurity Incident Response Program

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A good cybersecurity plan is not optional, because in the modern world it is not a question of if you will be targeted by cybercriminals, but when. A robust cybersecurity incident response program is an integral component of any organization’s cybersecurity strategy. Without a solid response plan in place, it can be challenging to respond to breaches or threats effectively … Read More

Keeping Your Network Secure in a “Bring Your Own Device” World

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BYOD Network Security

On the surface, a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy seems like a great business move. By allowing employees to use their own devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, companies can save money and increase productivity. However, securing your network in a BYOD environment poses unique challenges from both a cybersecurity and a privacy standpoint. If you don’t address … Read More

19 Essential Cybersecurity Best Practices

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19 Cybersecurity Best Practices

Every company, no matter how large or small, should have a robust cybersecurity strategy in place to protect their company’s digital assets. Staying secure in the digital era is no longer and set and forget practice. You must be diligent in your security practices and always on top of new trends. To help you ensure your data is secure here … Read More

DNS Spoofing: What It Is & How to Protect Yourself

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DNS Spoofing: What It Is & How to Protect Yourself

Cybersecurity crimes have plagued businesses large and small for years, but criminals are increasingly using DNS Spoofing as their tool of choice. In order to protect you and your business from cyber attacks like DNS Spoofing it is important for you to understand what DNS Spoofing is and what measures you can take to protect yourself and your business from … Read More

The Major Cybersecurity Threats of 2018… So Far

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The Major Cybersecurity Threats of 2018 So Far

It seems like every year a plethora of cybersecurity threats are unleashed on the public. Cybercriminals are constantly evolving their tactics in order to steal and compromise important information. Over the past 12 months, we have seen the frequency – and severity – of cyber attacks reach a level of normalcy that large data breaches, such as the recent Equifax … Read More

Recapping DerbyCon 8.0

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Written by Tianyi Lu, Chief Architect Compared to larger security conferences, such as Def Con or Black Hat, DerbyCon is more intimate. For me, this means that I’ll have more opportunities to engage speakers and have meaningful conversations. This intimacy is by choice: the conference is quite exclusive, with tickets selling out within minutes of being released. If you’ve never … Read More

Don’t Let Phishing Scams Catch You Unaware

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Don’t Let Phishing Scams Catch You Unaware

Phishing emails are nothing new and have come along way since the notorious “Prince of Nigeria” emails. In this article, we will discuss what phishing is, how to recognize it, and what steps you can take to protect your company and its assets. What is Phishing Phishing attacks attempt to trick the recipient into believing they are somebody who they … Read More

What is a Managed Services Security Provider?

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What are Managed Security Service Providers? Managed Security Service Providers are the security guards of the digital world. These companies exist to help you monitor your network traffic and other digital infrastructure for strange behavior, suspicious activity, and unauthorized access. Should anything fishy be detected the managed security service provider will not only alert you to the possible security breach … Read More