The Ugly Reality of Randsomeware

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This malicious software will kidnap your data, hold a gun to its head and say: your move. Some attacks go even further and plant incriminating evidence on your computer to prevent the authorities getting involved. Ransomware exists in numerous forms and its methods are constantly evolving. Attackers employ this software to obtain leverage over you in the hope that you … Read More

OilPro – Combating Cyber-Crime Though Industry Collaboration

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The oil and gas industry is beginning to take some steps towards collaborating on cyber-security, but there is much more that needs to be done. Cyber-crime poses a very real threat to both onshore and offshore oil operations, with attacks and attempted attacks occurring at an alarming rate. Indeed, it has been suggested that the oil and gas industry faces … Read More

Information Age – 2016: A Year to Remember in Cyber Security

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DDoS attacks, zero day vulnerabilities, data breaches, ransomware and hacktivism – 2016 has been a whirlwind year for cyber security. But in light of all the doom and gloom, here are four things to be thankful for this year… Read the Full Article Here

Business Review – Cyber Security Lessons Every Canadian Business Should Learn From 2016

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Having worked in cyber security over the last decade, I have witnessed a staggering escalation of estimated costs relating to cybercrime. Eye-watering figures have become so prevalent in our day to day that many have seemingly become desensitized to reading of multi-million dollar breaches. Current estimates project the costs associated with cybercrime to reach $2 Trillion USD by 2019. That is two … Read More

Giving Thanks to Cybersecurity

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Written by Chris Storer, Senior Systems Engineer- VirtualArmour 2016 has been a whirlwind year in the world of cyber-security, from unprecedented growth of DDoS attacks, numerous Zero Day vulnerabilities and attacks, countless instances of breached or stolen personal records, the rise of ransomware and the rising popularity of so-called “Hacktivism”, politically motivated cyber attacks and activities intended to interfere or … Read More

A Secure Path to the Cloud- Is There One?

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Written by Chad Schamberger, Director of Engineering- VirtualArmour 40 percent of North American business-critical applications are in the public cloud*, whether it is file storage, a communications application, or full blown IaaS.  These strategies are attempting to address one common theme, increasing productivity of your employees and reducing costs associated with running these services on your own.  Especially for small … Read More

The Dark Side of IOT

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Written by Tianyi Lu, Senior Systems Engineer- VirtualArmour As we continue our path towards 40 to 50 billion Internet-connected devices in 2020, there is a looming threat of malicious use cases for all of those “always-on, always-connected” machines. That threat was widely realized by the general public two Friday’s ago when major sites like Netflix, eBay, Twitter, and PayPal all … Read More