GDPR – A Hindrance, or Just the Right Kick in the A** Every Business Needs?

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How GDPR Regulations Impact You

This article was originally posted on CSO Online. Some businesses will undoubtedly see the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as just another form of regulated compliance being forced down their throats by government. If you take a minute to look beyond the headlines, however, these new rules due to be enforced on those handling sensitive personal data, might just be the … Read More

Scaling Cybersecurity: Staying Protected in the Midst of Business Growth

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Businesses that don’t protect themselves as they grow are often the ones that typically have the hardest time recovering from an attack. By Andrew Douthwaite, VP Managed Services You can’t get far these days without running into another story about a hack, a breach, or a business that wasn’t prepared for the ever-present threat of a cyber-attack. It’s a misnomer to … Read More

News Alert – New Global Randsomeware Outbreak

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Comment provided by Andrew Douthwaite, VP Managed Services VirtualArmour. What we know On the heels of the “WannaCry” attack and as businesses and governments are in the midst of beefing up their cybersecurity standards another attack has occurred. The ‘Petya’ ransomware outbreak started in Eastern Europe with first confirmed cases in Ukraine & Russia. It has subsequently been spreading West over … Read More

What Company Executives Need to Learn From WannaCry

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There are many lessons to be learned from last month’s cybersecurity event which left 400,000 machines infected and disrupted businesses, factories, hospitals, and schools in over 150 countries. The WannaCry ransomware aimed to take control of system data by encrypting important files as soon as the virus became active. This malicious software would then demand a ransom of $300 to … Read More

You Will Need More Than Tissues With the WannaCry Randsomeware Attack

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The recent outbreak of the WannaCry (specifically WannaCrypt0r 2.0) ransomware has hit over 200,000 hosts in more than 100 countries around the world. Affecting multi-billion dollar companies, national health services and many other entities. Many news outlets are reporting this as an “attack” because of the widespread impact that it has caused, which gives the idea that these entities were … Read More

The Unseen Threats to Wireless Connections

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Unsecured wireless networks can hemorrhage personal and business data and even create far-reaching legal issues Once upon a time, owning electronic equipment also meant owning a plethora of cables – it was an accepted drawback of the emerging information age. Even television sets were controlled through cables – anyone remember the Zenith ‘Lazy Bones’ system – and the concept of … Read More

Six Essential Steps Towards Building a Sound Cyber Defense Strategy: Part Two

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Continuing to break down how organizations can protect themselves against serious cyber threats Previously we looked at how a company can begin to approach a cyber defense strategy. These next three steps will address how employee permissions and overall network design can be used in the ongoing protection against cyber damage. The following strategies are focused on limiting a potential … Read More

Six Essential Steps Towards Building a Sound Cyber Defense Strategy: Part One

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A two part look at the most important steps organizations can take to guard against cyber threats With the current highly-publicized nature of data breaches, it’s easier than ever for executives and risk auditors to understand the serious financial and reputational damage caused as a direct result of cyber attacks. What isn’t so publicized is the security risk management, defense … Read More

Dark Web – The Internet’s Dark Side

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The dark web is a growing concern in the cyber-security space and has been the subject of numerous, recent, crime-related headlines. For users who access it, the dark web is a part of an anonymous network known as the ‘deep web’. It’s made up of a large assembly of data and domains not accessible through typical search directories such as … Read More

Filling the Cybersecurity Gap in the Age of IOT

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Rewind a couple of years and if you had asked a stranger on the street if they’d heard of a botnet or a DDoS attack*, they would likely shrug their shoulders or give you a blank stare. These days, due to a handful of high profile incidents involving Mirai, a malware that targets Linux systems, and other malware, an increasing … Read More