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Energy Industry

In a Rapidly Changing Industry, Security is More Important Than Ever

If 2016, 2017, and 2018 have taught us anything... it's that staying secure is paramount. When trade secrets and sensitive data are on the line, we take no risks.

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Business Challenge

With presence in 48 countries around the world, this energy company needed to build and maintain a high performing network that is secure and provided their employees and clients the services they require, including security and connectivity now and for the future.

Specifically, developing a back-up solution to their corporate WAN when MPLS fails as well as securing their primary internet connectivity and security at all remote sites. Their goal was to deliver lower project costs and leaner operating structures that simplified decision-making, reduced timescales, and streamlined execution.

Our Solution

It is due to their innovative culture that they realized that they needed to look externally at options for their network refresh, management and growth.

MPLS connections are reliable but can fail and are also expensive, for smaller sites a normal ISP line and a small firewall are all that are needed to connect the site to the corporate WAN, for larger sites connection continuity and increased security was needed. VirtualArmour provided the hardware and software for their Firewalls and VPN network as well as providing overall management of these services.

The Partnership Works: Here’s Why

The demands of their industry are unique and VirtualArmour understood this and approached the solution planning with that in mind. First understanding the strategic objectives of the business, the planning was then designed around not what was in place today but what this energy company would need in the future. From a support perspective, the company had clear expectations on technical expertise, response time, communication and pricing. After 10 years, the partnership is still going strong because VirtualArmour not only met the expectations but exceeded them.

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Everyone has a vested interest in protecting their business: from IT, network, operations, and compliance directors to the c-suite (CIO, CISO, or CEO).

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