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Financial Industry

When It Comes to Client Financial Data, You Can Never Be Too Secure

If 2016, 2017, and 2018 have taught us anything... it's that staying secure is paramount. Imagine the implications if sensitive financial data leaked or became compromised. That's where we come in.

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Business Challenge

This financial institution needed a Managed Security Services Provider to provide network monitoring and alerting services to stop the attempted breaches and threats that they were facing within their industry. They also needed to ensure they were compliant with all current regulations to protect customer data.

Our Solution

We delivered the IBM Qradar Security Intelligence platform composed of a physical “All-In-one” (AIO) appliance and the corresponding software package (including Log management and event correlation). We also included software licensing for Qradar Vulnerability Manager (QVM). We rounded out the solution by providing Managed Services which include ongoing 24/7 management and monitoring of all existing devices as well as the newly deployed Qradar platform. This solved the issue of compliance as well as reducing the exposure they had to future security threats.

The Partnership Works: Here’s Why

Proactively uncovering issues, saving a business money and improving efficiencies are just a few of the reasons that this partnership remains strong. Our team also discovered a major flaw in the scoping of an additional network initiative, that left unchecked, would have caused significant downtime and cost in both additional consulting fees as well as lost revenue. The respect and trust the team has with each other provides the backbone for delivering superior service and maintaining a strong relationship.

From Mid-Size to Enterprise Clients, We Serve the Needs of All Business Leaders

Everyone has a vested interest in protecting their business: from IT, network, operations, and compliance directors to the c-suite (CIO, CISO, or CEO).

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