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The need to keep patient data under lock and key is absolutely critical, especially in the wake of increasing global security threats. If 2016, 2017, and 2018 have taught us anything... it's that staying secure is paramount.

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In Healthcare, Investing in Cybersecurity is a No-Brainer

Cybersecurity is compliance driven in the healthcare industry but with the number of connected devices throughout any given healthcare systems network, cybersecurity should never be a second thought. 

Providing Threat Intelligence

We provide higher level visibility and threat analytics with detection, remediation, and response. Our solution provides healthcare organizations with a strong security posture while ensuring you have access to on-demand reporting with our proprietary Cloudcastr portal.

See: Managed Threat Intelligence

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Offering Round the Clock Protection

We are a MSSP that provides dedicated engineers to help monitor, alert, and remediate security issues. While your internal team may have resource contraints or limited manpower, our team empowers healthcare clients with 24/7 visibility and on-demand protection.

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Keeping You Secure in a Multi-Device World

Cybersecurity needs in the healthcare space have evolved rapidly over the past several years as new technology emerges and healthcare networks gets more complex.

Our security solutions are compliance focused and device driven.

See: Endpoint Protection

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We Know the Healthcare Industry

We have over 10 years of experience working with the unique needs of the healthcare industry. We know how healthcare-specific applications behave.

We provide the necessary services to give healthcare companies the ability to detect threats or problems concerning  their network, such as compromised endpoint devices, identity thefts, and the protection of patient information (and other types of sensitive information).

In an era of internet of medical things (IOMT) and connected devices empowers more of our technology (and lives), we provide you with the security you need to remain compliant in an increasingly sophisticated and interconnected world.

In this new digital environment, is your team able to secure patient information and remain HIPAA compliant?

Detecting & Investigating Exploits

Patient Privacy / HIPAA Compliance

With years of working with our HIPPA compliant clients we can ensure your organization is secure.

White Listing / Blacklisting Applications

Connected Medical Devices

From x-ray machines to the glucometer, everything in the modern doctors office, hospital, and urgent care center is interconnected. Each device adds complexity and different requirements to stay secure.

Applying Endpoint Policies

Always On, Always, Accessible

We provide 24/7/365 monitoring, management, and service availability. The healthcare industry doesn't sleep, and neither do we.

VirtualArmor Healthcare MSSP

Case Study: How We Helped a Large Regional Health Center

This organization was directed by their steering committee to find an engaged partner to provide threat intelligence. They needed a variety of security solutions that could be wrapped up in a single managed security services partner they could trust. This organization required the following security solutions: threat intelligence, patch management, log correlations, and remidiation.

Through the partnership with VirtualArmour this client was about to focus their efforts on critical security needs while having us do the heavy lifting in the background. This helped them keep their costs in check while greatly expanding the level of security they receive.

We freed up their resources to do other IT/Organization related activities– a win/win for everyone.

Case Study: A Large Health Insurance Provider

This insurance provider was looking for a threat intelligence platform that would offer a tailored solution that provided ongoing monitoring, updating, and tuning of their environments. In effect, they wanted a partner to enhance their security posture.

With limited in-house resources, they knew they were struggling in these areas. We were the right fit because we provided factual information and limited the number of false positives they were receiving.

By reducing noise, we also reduced stress and “make work” tasks while increasing overall security effectiveness.

VirtualArmor Healthcare MSSP

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Reliable services for mid-size to enterprise clients.

From IT, network operations, compliance detectors, to the C-suite: everyone has a vested interest in protecting their business.

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From our multiple offices in the US and UK, VirtualArmour provides 24x7x365 global monitoring, management, and maintenance to clients in over 30 countries.

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