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Retail Industry

Retail Sales Comes With Challenges, Including Keeping Data Secure

If 2016, 2017, and 2018 have taught us anything... it's that staying secure is paramount. Hundreds of locations and millions of transactions every year... we keep it all under lock and key.

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Business Challenge

Their footprint consisted of hundreds of retail stores and several corporate offices within North America. Their IT organization was significantly understaffed given the large geographic presence, thereby creating inefficient processes and establishing a greater risk profile for potential threats. Additionally, they had purchased Security hardware and software that wasn’t being utilized which reduced the credibility of the IT team and their ability to push for additional network and security enhancements that would better position the business for future growth.

Our Solution

Initially we conducted a Netskope Cloud Risk Assessment (CRA) and a QRadar Healthcheck to get a baseline within their network and to address their concerns about utilization. The CRA allowed us to see what SaaS applications were in use in their network, both sanctioned and unsanctioned. Based on those findings we took on the role of their Incident Response Team which allowed us to manage their existing Qradar, providing 24/7 monitoring, threat hunting and incident response services, as well as recommending remediation actions for security incidents.

The Partnership Works: Here’s Why

Some businesses fear working with a 3rd party or “outsourcing” services that could potentially be done in house. However, this retail business was progressive in their growth plans and recognized that their current staffing on their security team was not sized or scoped to respond to the needs of the business. VirtualArmour is not just a part of their team but a Managed Services Provider that did more than just alert them that there was an issue, we provided incident response and remediation and maintained constant communication with all the key stakeholders. The customization of our solution is what makes the partnership work.

From Mid-Size to Enterprise Clients, We Serve the Needs of All Business Leaders

Everyone has a vested interest in protecting their business: from IT, network, operations, and compliance directors to the c-suite (CIO, CISO, or CEO).

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