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We are the ideal cybersecurity partner for service-based businesses, from SAAS companies to datacenters.

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Today’s Digital Economy Requires Sophisticated Security Solutions

VirtualArmour can help reduce your time to market, ensure network uptime, and minimize cyber threats. We are a great partner for your service business.

Get Your Product to Market Faster

Working with a MSSP allows for a faster time to market for your products and services. We are able to quickly architect and engineer your managed cybersecurity solution, leveraging staff and resources not typically available to service companies.

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Offering Round the Clock Protection

Most service busiensses don’t have the ability or time to focus on their cybersecurity. With an MSSP like VirtualArmour, you can leave the security to us and focus your resources elsewhere.

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We Know Service Providers

Our heritage is rooted in working with world-class infrastructure manufacturers. This experience has allowed our engineering team to live on the forefront of emerging technologies- a benefit we bring to our customers.

From software/hardware provisioning to network upgrades, service providers can count on us to be the expert cybersecurity solution they need.

Detecting & Investigating Exploits

Service Availability

Our solutions prioritize always-online reliability, protecting your business from DDoS (distributed dential of service) attacks and other network disruptions.

White Listing / Blacklisting Applications

Capacity Planning

Wer make sure your infrastructure is never overburned and has access to the resources it needs.

Applying Endpoint Policies

Proactive Response

Our 15-minute SLA is a huge driver of security in an insecure world. When you rely heavily on your network, we build one you can truly rely on.

Case Study: How Can You Secure a Global Satellite Network?

This large American communication company needed a security advisor to manage their global satellite network. Knowing they were best served by an MSSP, they chose VirtualArmour.

We took part in the deployment of 15 satellite gateways around the world, ensuring their security and timely turn up. Our engineers designed and deployed these gateways, ensuring that our client was able to conduct business and avoid unncessary service interruptions.

Case Study: A Large Datacenter Needs an Agile Security Partner

When this large datacenter colocation services company needed a security partner that could be as agile as their business, they chose VirtualArmour.

As their trusted partner, we run their datacenter network and customer service provisioning. As our relationship matured, we took on additional responsibilities and helped our partner scale.

Recently, we architected their global network backbone that interconnects them with their markets. From the design to the implementation, our engineers were on-hand every step of the way.

Datacenter Cybersecurity Solutions

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Reliable services for mid-size to enterprise clients.

From IT, network operations, compliance detectors, to the C-suite: everyone has a vested interest in protecting their business.

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Global Reach, Local Attitude

From our multiple offices in the US and UK, VirtualArmour provides 24x7x365 global monitoring, management, and maintenance to clients in over 30 countries.

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