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If 2016, 2017, and 2018 have taught us anything... it's that staying secure is paramount. In the business services space, staying secure is as much about maintaining trust as it is a smart business decision.

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Business Challenge

As a service provider it was critical that their network infrastructure, security and staffing were designed to support the demands of their growing business. Their challenge was that they didn’t have the appropriate staffing or expertise to establish the requirements and design the infrastructure that was required.

Our Solution

VirtualArmour became the network team for this Service Provider, providing them access to a large pool of experience to support their rapidly expanding network. Starting with a Proof of Concept (POC) we provided design/architecture solutions for anything from building the network at a new datacenter, to implementing Q-in-Q from cloud to customer, to SSLVPN security design.

In addition to the Managed Services, we provided hardware/software solutions from Juniper, PulseSecure and Aruba. This included over 350+ devices, from switches, firewalls, MAG and Access points. Our team has become so integrated that this Service Provider’s data center engineers send requests/problem tickets directly to VirtualArmour for resolution.

The Partnership Works: Here’s Why

Not all Managed Services Providers are created equal, nor do all customers have the same needs. The reason VirtualArmour and this Service Provider work so well together is that they have established a partnership based on mutual respect, constant communication and a focus on planning for the future. They client saves time and money on not having to invest in the infrastructure and resources of a dedicated SOC and gets the latest technology and expertise as soon as it comes out.

From Mid-Size to Enterprise Clients, We Serve the Needs of All Business Leaders

Everyone has a vested interest in protecting their business: from IT, network, operations, and compliance directors to the c-suite (CIO, CISO, or CEO).

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