Phishing Friends… Out of Prison

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By Garrett Stanley, Security Analyst & Engineer, VirtualArmour Recently there was a follow-up article about a hacker who was jailed for trying to break his friend out of prison. While the story does have a twist of humorous irony to it, the details of the attack truly underscore where the IT Security landscape sits today. The hacker, utilizing a mixture … Read More

Cyber Threats: How Finance Directors Should Prepare

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What are the differences in cyber-threats facing public and private companies, and what responsibilities do their CFOs have in terms of disclosure? By Andrew Douthwaite, VP Managed Services, VirtualArmour Cyber attacks spiked 164%in the first half of 2017, compared to the same period in 2016, entailing 918 disclosed breaches-according reports on broadcaster CNBC. Threats vary from sector to sector. Healthcare, … Read More

Who Should Be Responsible For Cybersecurity?

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This article was originally posted on CSO Online By Andrew Douthwaite, Vice President of Managed Services The news today is flush with salacious stories of cyber-security breaches, data held hostage in brazen ransomware attacks, and compromised records and consumer information. So too has the fallout become increasingly familiar: broken trust, ruined brands, class-action lawsuits, and prolonged periods of finger-pointing. In … Read More

A Day in the Life of an MSSP Engineer

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Cybersecurity is a term heard three or four times before breakfast these days. But what really goes into keeping businesses secure? Here we detail a day in the life of one of my senior cybersecurity engineers…and what it takes to ensure if breaches happen, they happen to the other guys. This article was originally posted on CSO Online By Andrew … Read More

Just How Smart Are Smart Contracts?

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The use of Smart Contracts is on a meteoric rise. How safe and secure are they though? This article was originally posted on CSO Online By Andrew Douthwaite, Vice President of Managed Services If you haven’t yet heard of a Smart Contract, just wait. You will. Using blockchain technology – a secure, decentralized digital ledger, introduced in 2008 as the … Read More

Being Stupid Isn’t An Excuse

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Do what needs to be done to protect your business and be the example for others in your industry. Originally posted on CSO Online By Andrew Douthwaite, Vice President of Managed Services It’s a fact that when we are inundated with news about a single topic repeatedly we tend to start ignoring it, pushing it out of our head and … Read More

This “Bad Rabbit” is no Peter Cottontail

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The Story Eastern Europe is in the midst of yet another ransomware epidemic going by the name of Bad Rabbit. Several Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, and even German-based organizations have already experienced breaches. The first to be hit were Russian media companies Fontanka and Interfax along with Odessa International Airport in the Ukraine. Bad Rabbit behaves in a similar way to previous … Read More

Stay Away From KRACK

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It’s not the first time you have heard this advice but “KRACK” is bad for you and anyone using WiFi. This new vulnerability called KRACK has been released and is affecting the WPA2 Wi-Fi encryption protocol. This vulnerability affects any WiFi network utilizing the WPA2 protocol for encryption, regardless of operating system, which is a lot of people and businesses. … Read More

Scaling Cybersecurity: Staying Protected in the Midst of Business Growth

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Businesses that don’t protect themselves as they grow are often the ones that typically have the hardest time recovering from an attack. By Andrew Douthwaite, VP Managed Services You can’t get far these days without running into another story about a hack, a breach, or a business that wasn’t prepared for the ever-present threat of a cyber-attack. It’s a misnomer to … Read More

News Alert – New Global Randsomeware Outbreak

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Comment provided by Andrew Douthwaite, VP Managed Services VirtualArmour. What we know On the heels of the “WannaCry” attack and as businesses and governments are in the midst of beefing up their cybersecurity standards another attack has occurred. The ‘Petya’ ransomware outbreak started in Eastern Europe with first confirmed cases in Ukraine & Russia. It has subsequently been spreading West over … Read More