COVID-19 Demonstrates the Power of Remote Workplaces (But Those Are Not Without Risks)

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COVID-19 Demonstrates the Power of Remote Workplaces (But Those Are Not Without Risks)

COVID-19 is changing the way society handles a lot of things, including how we work. As companies rapidly shift to remote workplaces, we can expect there to be a few hiccups along the way. In response to this lack of preparedness, cyber-criminals are increasingly taking advantage of the chaos COVID-19 has caused. Fortunately, there are concrete steps you can take … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Managed Threat Intelligence (2020 Edition)

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The Ultimate Guide to Managed Threat Intelligence (2020 Edition)

Cybersecurity is incredibly important for any organization, regardless of size or industry, and a robust cybersecurity strategy rests on real-time, accurate threat intelligence. What is Threat Intelligence? Threat intelligence refers to the information organizations rely on to better understand cyberattacks that could target, or are actively targeting, that organization. This data is used to craft tailored response plans so that … Read More

Cloud Isn’t the “Future”; It’s the Now

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Cloud Isn't the Future It's the Now

Technology is continually changing and evolving, creating new and innovative ways to conduct business. While many of us may still think the cloud is some futuristic concept, in reality, it’s already here and has been for a while. What is the Cloud? At its core, the cloud is a collection of web-based applications. Instead of purchasing a program, installing it … Read More

Why Do Modern Businesses Need Managed Security Services?

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Why do modern businesses need managed security services

Cybersecurity incidents are becoming increasingly common in the modern world, so your organization needs to have policies in place to safeguard your digital assets. While large organizations may be able to support an in-house cybersecurity team, many small and medium-sized businesses have neither the capital nor the people power to support such a resource-intensive department. This is where Managed Security … Read More

The Rising Cost of Health Care Industry Data Breaches

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Rising Costs of Heath Care Security Breaches

The 2019 edition of the Cost of a Data Breach Report, sponsored by IBM and published by Ponemonis causing quite a stir in the cybersecurity world. The annual report, which draws its data from in-depth interviews with more than 500 global companies that experienced data breaches between July 2018 and April 2019, finds that not only are data breaches becoming … Read More

What is a Managed Services Security Provider?

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What are Managed Security Service Providers? Managed Security Service Providers are the security guards of the digital world. These companies exist to help you monitor your network traffic and other digital infrastructure for strange behavior, suspicious activity, and unauthorized access. Should anything fishy be detected the managed security service provider will not only alert you to the possible security breach … Read More