Cryptojacking: Because Every Currency Needs to Be Protected

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Cryptojacking: Because Every Currency Needs to Be Protected

Up until a few years ago one of the biggest security threats on the internet was ransomware. Everyone had a horror story about someone’s computer getting infected and having to pay huge sums of money to regain access to their files. The newest threat on the internet is cryptojacking. Unlike ransomware it is so stealthy you might not even know … Read More

GDPR – A Hindrance, or Just the Right Kick in the A** Every Business Needs?

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How GDPR Regulations Impact You

This article was originally posted on CSO Online. Some businesses will undoubtedly see the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as just another form of regulated compliance being forced down their throats by government. If you take a minute to look beyond the headlines, however, these new rules due to be enforced on those handling sensitive personal data, might just be the … Read More