Client Portal and Prevention Platform

The CloudCastr portal and prevention platform for VirtualArmour's managed security services provides detailed information on threat intelligence, device health, threat mapping, and support ticketing.

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Cloudcastr Enables Incredible Visibility Into Your Network & Security

Unparalleled Responsiveness

Our propriety solution allows our customer to understand and mitigate threats in real time.

CloudCastr provides instant visibility into our customers network and allows us to provide an unprecedented 15 minute response time.


Proactive Client Communication

As soon as we see something out of the ordinary our lead engineers are immediately on contact with our customers to isolate and mitigate any potential threat.

Our solution allows for entire organization, especially the non-technical people, know exactly what is going on in their network at any given time.

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Reliable services for mid-size to enterprise clients.

From IT, network operations, compliance detectors, to the C-suite: everyone has a vested interest in protecting their business.

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