Industrial Control Systems

By Experienced Cybersecurity Professionals

In-depth device visibility and cyber resilience for ICS networks

Continuously and passively discover, classify and monitor OT network devices for real-time risk management

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Our Approach to Securing Industrial Control Systems

Detecting & Investigating Exploits

Unparalleled Threat Detection

Patented deep packet inspection technology allows OT cybersecurity stakeholders to identify cyber and operational threats before they cause downtime

White Listing / Blacklisting Applications

Passive real-time Network Monitoring

Detailed asset inventories provide device visibility and monitoring for ICS and IoT networks to enable real-time identification and remediation.

Applying Endpoint Policies

Impact- Based Risk Analysis

Identify and prioritize cyber and operational threats with impact-based risk scoring down to the device level.

Why Should Endpoint Security Matter to You?

Look Down

70% of Successful Breaches Originate At the Endpoint

Source: IDC

Managed Endpoint Security

You Know You Are at Risk: Don’t Be Caught Off-Guard

69% of companies believe that endpoint security risk to their organizations has significantly increased over the past 12 months, yet only 36 percent have adequate resources to address the risk. 

Most companies take an average of 100 to 120 days to patch vulnerabilities and some never implement the patches. 

Improve Security & Lower Risks Via Outsourcing

Few organizations have the resources, expertise or desire to take on every necessary security task themselves anymore. 

They are naturally turning toward managed security service providers (MSSPs) for help. 

According to ESG research, 50% of organizations surveyed are using an MSSP for some aspect of endpoint security today, 23% plan to use an MSSP for endpoint security within the next 24 months, and 12% are interested in doing so sometime in the future.

Don't Ignore Security Risks

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Recent Threats That Affect You

Today's businesses - small, medium, and enterprise - need to have security on their minds. Even if they don't, unscrupulous actors seeking illegitimate gains will.

Staying alert to relevant news is important in the fast moving industry of cybersecurity. Focusing on technology and the impact of risk that businesses face every day…Wall Street Journal
New Gartner report redefines endpoint protection for 2018. The report acknolwedges major changes in the endpoint protection platform and offers recommendations for security and risk management leaders as they evaluate the vendor landscape…CrowdStrike
What goes into keeping businesses secure? A day in the life of a MSSP engineer takes a closer look at how a senior cybersecurity engineer spends their day to ensure that if a breach happens, it happens to someone else.CSO Online

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Managed Services Case Studies

Professional Services

Professional Services

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Managed Security Services

Hardware & Software Services


Reliable services for mid-size to enterprise clients.

From IT, network operations, compliance detectors, to the C-suite: everyone has a vested interest in protecting their business.

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It Takes People, Process, Technology, and Intelligence to Stop a Breach

Our world-class team is ready and waiting to secure your devices.

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Global Reach, Local Attitude

From our multiple offices in the US and UK, VirtualArmour provides 24x7x365 global monitoring, management, and maintenance to clients in over 30 countries.

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