Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

When New Vulnerabilities Are Announced, Companies Have to Quickly Understand Which Devices – Laptops, Smartphones, Services, Etc. – Are At Risk. Our security solutions are deployed on your endpoint devices to prevent malicious activity and to investigate/respond 24/7/365.

A Forward-Thinking Approach to Endpoint Protection

Remote work has forever changed how IT departments and cybersecurity teams need to approach the endpoint, especially considering how many organizations allow employees to bring their own devices. Securing these endpoints is critical, especially when they have access to sensitive customer or company data.

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Managed Detection & Response

Our team works proactively, leveraging our advanced threat intelligence technologies and an experienced corps of cybersecurity engineers. Your devices have never been this safe.

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Application Whitelisting/Blacklisting

Gain access to real-time threat-feeds, along with hands-on management that keeps the right applications running and malicious applications blocked.

Applying Endpoint Policies

Applying Endpoint Policies

Our next-generation endpoint protection solutions provide continuous breach protection. We provide constant prevention, detection, visibility, and intelligence, so you can be protected before, during and even after a breach.

Securing the Endpoint Matters in a Remote Economy

The More Devices You Add, the Greater Your Risk

Pre-Covid, 69% of companies believed that endpoint security risk to their organizations has significantly increased over the past 12 months, yet only 36 percent have adequate resources to address the risk.

Now, with teams all over the world working from their home offices, endpoint security risk continues to grow

Most companies take an average of 100 to 120 days to patch vulnerabilities and some never implement the patches. Are you at risk of getting caught with your pants down?

An Outsourced IT Security Team Shores Up Defenses & Lowers Risks

Few organizations have the resources, expertise or desire to take on every necessary security task themselves anymore. They are naturally turning toward managed security service providers (MSSPs) for help.

According to ESG research, 50% of organizations surveyed are using an MSSP for some aspect of endpoint security today, 23% plan to use an MSSP for endpoint security within the next 24 months, and 12% are interested in doing so sometime in the future.

An MSSP is a great choice if you need additional IT support without adding additional IT headcount.

Ready to take charge of your network & lock-down your security? So are we.

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Managed Services You Can Count On

Let’s admit it: the world is changing, and it’s changing faster than most of us can keep up with. Our team specializes in managed IT and cybersecurity solutions, focusing on staying on top of the incredible pace of change tied to working with technology. Our team is here to support yours.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Deploying Hardware & Software Solutions From Leading Technology Companies

From ultra-fast, high-user wireless networks to secure remote access VPN, our engineers are able to utilize technology from vendors including Cisco, Juniper Networks, IBM QRadar, and more.

See our full list of technology partners.

Don’t Leave Users to Their Own Devices

Let’s Face It: Most People Don’t Spend Their Day-to-Day Worrying About Cyber Threats

That’s why working with an MSSP like VirtualArmour to secure your endpoints makes sense: we keep your network secure without sacrificing user experience or introducing friction into their environment.

Rapid Response Times

We’re There When You Need Us Most

With networking engineers and cybersecurity specialists located in both the United States and the United Kingdom, we can provide global 24/7/365 protection and respond within minutes of an anomaly.

Specializing in Multiple Industries

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Service Providers

VirtualArmour Solutions

Detection, investigation, and resolution of your security alerts
Prevention and visibility to protect you from a breach.
Support and monitoring of your firewall and overall security

Evaluation of your infrastructure for vulnerabilities and security gaps.

Team of cybersecurity experts that can bolster your existing security team or supplement light IT staff – to manage and monitor networks, devices, & assets.

Level of Need

Essential Services

Requirements for devices, investigations, and tickets are for a smaller IT environment that needs less.

Requirements for devices, investigations, and tickets are for a larger IT environment that needs continuous white glove service.
One time engagement. Single Service Implementation.


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