VirtualArmour Wins $1.7M Managed SIEM & Vulnerability Scanning Contract with Healthcare Client

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July 17, 2020
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Contact: Elise Silagy
Marketing Coordinator
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VirtualArmour Wins $1.7M Managed SIEM & Vulnerability Scanning Contract with Healthcare Client

Denver, CO, June 2020: VirtualArmour International Inc. (CSE:VAI) (OTCQB:VTLR), cybersecurity managed services provider, has won (2) contracts to manage a healthcare client’s SIEM and Vulnerability Scanning. The contracts will include professional and managed cybersecurity services as well as a major hardware/software refresh to the healthcare client’s network. VirtualArmour was able to provide a special financing option to defer payments on managed service costs until 2021. The total contract value is $1,700,000 over a 3-year period. 

Chad Schamberger, VirtualArmour VP of Operations, mentions, “Through our Managed SIEM offering, the client will be provided healthcare specific use cases that address security compliance standards from HIPAA. Our Vulnerability Scanning offering will provide the client with greater visibility into surface attacks, enhanced patch management and threat detection.” Managed service contracts to be covered include: 

Vulnerability Scanning Vulnerability reports generated from this offering will be utilized to gauge risk associated with known vulnerabilities and threats, which will help the client prioritize a patching schedule and/or emergency patches. 

Managed SIEM Creation and management of all rules and policies in the SIEM environment based on the needs of our client. Full incident detection and remediation/recommendations will be provided, as well as asset detection and monitoring as assets enter and leave the network. 

VirtualArmour offers end-to-end project management and support for the duration of these projects led by professionals with experience in Managed SIEM and Vulnerability Scanning projects of equal or greater size. VirtualArmour also ensures a consistent review, knowledge transfer, handover and operational success of the new network architecture to the client. VirtualArmour CEO, Russ Armbrust states, “As with many industries, the healthcare industry is highly driven by compliance from HIPAA to receive funding. VirtualArmour has become the trusted advisor when it comes to security compliance.” 

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